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  1. I ran into a friend I haven't seen in ages.
  2. Two more old nagging bills done bit the dust. Yay!
  3. Household chore teamwork is a glorious thing.
big deep breath...bunches of kitties....breathe...happy place...more kitties...breathe....

1. Almost my house again...

2. free chinese food

3. Little Bit has the coolest bike now, thanks to eagleflight-woh!

Bet you thought I couldn't muster it tonight.

  1. I can see the floor in my laundry room---the floor, and the tops of the washer and dryer, the shelf over the washer and dryer.....
  2. Margaritas and Chile Rellenos while watching the lake.
  3. Fresh-cut roses (exactly the same kind as in my icon) on my dining room table which, BTW, I CAN SEE THE TOP OF!
1. Room mate gone before the 1st!

2. No argument, even though I was baited, I declined, and stated my reasons, AGAIN. Calmly walked away.

3. Reasoned with my child why Auntie was leaving, again, and she understood it was because Auntie was making bad choices, not thinking about what could happen to all of us, and that love means thinking about others first.

4. sub group of the above, was the hug I got afterwards.
  1. Paul finally went to the dentist for an adjustment on his dentures today. No more look of pain as he tries to eat.
  2. I finally got to meet the new neighbor who is a caterer, and has been gifting Paul (and me by association) with all kinds of yummies lately. Her name is Viviane, and she's a darling. I gifted her with a bouquet of fresh basil in thanks---which made her downright giddy. We talked food for a few minutes. There is the possibility that she might hire me for a few part time hours.
  3. Since I missed work today because of Paul's appointments I got productive at home. We can now actually eat dinner at our dining room table. Imagine that. I'm not ashamed to have guests use the guest bathroom anymore, either.
Back from another glorious weekend, in the sun.

1. seeing good friends.

2. communal cooking with Joefire.

3. lots of drumming.

4. clothing optional camping.
  1. Family reunions.
  2. Family traditions.
  3. Being the only adults unchaperoned by children at a kid's movie. Tractor tipping.....heeheehee!
1. Having a friend who's willing to say that they're taking a stand against my inner demons, and that he intends to continue to provide counter examples to every negative thing I think about myself until such time as I believe him and stop thinking negative things. (I think this will take some time...but I also know this person means everything he says in this respect.)

2. Knowing that someone I consider to be family-by-choice thinks of me the same way.

3. Tater tots, perfectly crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and just the right amount of salt.
  • The sights, sounds, smells, tastes and the glorious crush of humanity that is Eastern Market on a yummy Saturday morning---oh, and the bargains.
  • People watching!
  • The flower vendor who yells to passersby, "Hey! It's a great morning! Let me see that smile!", and remarks loudly, "I still got it." when he gets those requested smiles.
  • The invigorating scent of rosemary that clings to your husband's neck long after he has put the large new rosemary plant in your van.
  • The Mushroom Nazi!
  • Discussing the merits of various heirloom tomatoes with your favorite family farm vendor.
  • Having your SIL remark that she likes to come to the market with you, because she learns so much.
  • The tinny little "ping" of sealing mason jars as 8 jars of Blackberry Strawberry Jam and 4 jars of Blackberry Chambord Sauce join their black raspberry brethren.
1) Happy pills and using them

2) Cool new stuff for the flea market tommorow.

3) Finding an old Wolverine comic I'd been looking for. (Wolverine vs. craploads of ninjas. AND A GIANT ROBOT. What could be cooler?)